Poster Presentations, Wednesday, 29 October, 2014




01 4 Years of Operation with the Cyclotron C70 Arronax Freddy Poirer
02 Operation of NIRS Cyclotrons Yuichi Takahashi
03 Improvement of the Training Program for Newcomers by Human Factor Analysis Hiromi Inokuchi
04 Customer Satisfaction in Radionuclides Production - Present and Future - Satoru Hojo
05 Software Interlock System Louis Pereira
06 Operator Developed Control & Analysis Tools Vincent Winter
07 Remote Operation at SNS: Tools for the Modern Interconnected World Geoffrey Milanovich
08 NSLS-II Commissioning with CS-Studio Tasha Summers
09 Automatic Emittance Measurement in the CERN 1.4 GeV Booster Jean-Francois Comblin
10 Keeping Shift Operators Up To Date Adrian Johnson
11 Commercial Prototype Shields in ELETTRA Andrea Vescovo
12 EleFan System at ELETTRA Enzo Benfatto
13 Cooling Water Management: Dissolved Oxygen and Clogging Corpuscle Hiroki Arai
14 Operation of Scanning Irradiation System at NIRS-HIMAC Yuji Tachikawa
15 The Reconstruction of the Fermilab Accelerator Main Control Room Stanley Johnson
16 Radioactive Material Leak at the Hadron Experimental Facility at J-PARC Kazuro Furukawa
17 ESRF Operators at Work! Gilles Garnodon
18 ESRF Operation: Communication! Philippe Roussely
19 New Particle Accelerator Reliability Website Philippe Roussely
20 When We Thought Summer Service was Over Mikael Pettersson